Race Details

Get ready for an awesome adventure race in the wilds of Eastern Idaho/Western Wyoming!

The weather forecast may not be looking perfect, but hey, this is adventure racing! The race will go on, rain or shine, and will be a blast no matter what!


  • 8-hour race: June 8th, 2019
  • Location:  Somewhere near/in/around beautiful Teton Valley, Idaho!


8hr: 2-person coed, 2-person male, 2-person female, solo male, solo female, NEW category: 3-4 person coed!

Want to race on a team but don’t have a teammate?  Email us if you’re looking for a team and we’ll try to help you out!


8hr: Trekking/trail running/Mountain biking….plus lots of fun navigation!


5-8 miles on foot, 12-16 miles bike




Please check out the pre-race update, posted 6/1/19. It includes all the details you’ll need to know leading up to the pre-race meeting on Friday June 7th.

2019 Teton Ogre Pre-Race Update


Friday, June 7th: 

PLEASE NOTE SCHEDULE CHANGE! Due to a scheduling conflict, we have to move our pre-race activities an hour later than originally planned. (Feel free to bring your dinner!)

5:30-7:00pm: Racer check-in and map pick up at Targhee Athletics in Driggs, ID.

7:00-7:30pm: Pre-Race meeting

Saturday, June 8th: 

8:00am: Race Start, Location will be revealed at check-in, but will be approximately a 20 minute drive from Driggs.

4:00pm: Finish cut-off time

4:00-4:30pm: Snacks, beer, and relaxing! (We recommend packing a change of clothes in your car for after the race, along with a camp chair or blanket to sit on).

Approx. 4:30-5:00pm: Awards and prizes.


Hotels fill up fast here in the summer in Teton Valley…if you need a place to stay, reserve a room early. Feel free to contact us if you need any suggestions for hotels or camping.


-Final rankings will be as follows: A) Teams will be ranked by total number of points acquired. B) Teams will be ranked by fastest time. C) Teams not obtaining all mandatory CPs will be unranked, regardless of time.

-All CPs are worth 10 points each unless otherwise specified. There will be a combination of mandatory and optional CPs

-Teammates must stay within 50 meters of each other at all times.

-Racers must cross the finish line before the cut-off time or will be penalized by 2 points per minute for the first 20 minutes. Racers finishing more than 20 minutes late will be unranked. (In other words, don’t be late!)

-Penalty for a miss-punched CP (i.e., CP is punched in the wrong box) is 5 points per infraction. Pay attention when punching!

-If a team member must leave the course early, they must do so at a manned CP or TA and inform a race official. Please do not go home early without letting us know!

-Make sure you have all required gear at all times. Random gear checks may be performed throughout the course. Penalty for not providing required gear is 5 points per infraction.

-You will be traveling in bear country.  Knowledge of bear country safety and etiquette is required.  Bear spray must be easily accessible on the outside of your pack. Please review this website for some bear safety tips:  Bear Safety

-Bikers must yield to horses and hikers.

-NO biking off-trail! If you need to travel with your bike off-trail, you must get off your bike and walk.

-Bib numbers are to be pinned to backpacks and visible, one per person.

-We will be practicing Leave No Trace ethics.  Pack out everything you bring in!  Please tread lightly and be aware that this is bear country.  We would be so psyched if when we swept the course we found ZERO trash!

-In the case of snow or mud (a large probability), please be considerate to avoid trail damage.  Please walk bikes through deep mud to avoid rutting up the trails.

-No navigation devices that utilize satellites are allowed! No GPS or using your cell phone for anything other than taking pictures or in an absolute emergency. Bike odometers, barometric altimeters, and compasses are ok.

-Please no dogs on the course (exceptions may be made if you want to bring your pet Ogre).


Cancellation Policy:

We are unable to offer refunds on race registration fees.  However, we will happily transfer your entry to a future race.