Gear List

Preliminary Gear List:

Mandatory race gear to be carried with all individuals at ALL times:

  • race passport (one per team, provided)
  • race maps (one set per team, provided)
  • UTM gridreader, 1:24,000 (10hr only)
  • Writing Utensil (one per team, 24-hour only)
  • Waterproof shell
  • Headlamp with fresh batteries (Mandatory for 24-hr, optional for 10hr)
  • Water carrying capacity of at least 64oz
  • extra long sleeve base layer (Mandatory for 24-hr, optional for 10hr)
  • full finger gloves (bike gloves okay, recommended but not mandatory for 10hr)
  • warm hat or buff (recommended but not mandatory for 10hr)
  • whistle (attached and within reach at all times)
  • space blanket
  • compass (at least one per team)
  • Bear Spray and knowledge of its use (at least one per team, easily accessible–NOT buried deep in your backpack!!) Check out this video for how to be safe in bear country, and this one about using bear spray. Although encounters are unlikely, there are black and grizzly bears in the area you will be traveling.
  • first aid kit (one per team). Recommended: Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight .7, or build your own based on its contents
  • cell phone with fully charged battery (one per team). For use as a camera or in case of emergency only.  Using your cell phone for navigation is cheating and cheating is no good and will get you disqualified.
  • water purification, drops or filter, one per team (Mandatory for 24-hr, recommended for 10hr)
  • way to keep maps dry (one per team) **Maps will not be waterproof this year!

Recommended gear:

  • way to keep gear dry in case it rains
  • Trekking Poles
  • Bug Repellent
  • Extra pair of socks (24hr)
  • altimeter and knowledge of its use
  • Long pants for off-trail travel
  • duct tape (you never know what might need fixing!)
  • running gaiters
  • extra layers depending on weather. Nights and early mornings can still be very cold in June!
  • Map board for bike

Mandatory bike gear:

  • Mountain Bike
  • Bike Helmet
  • spare tube
  • pump or CO2 canisters (one per team)
  • tool kit (one per team)
  • 24-hr: Quality lighting system for night riding (handlebar light and headlamp…the brighter the better).
  • 24-hr: Rear red blinky light

Mandatory 24-hr gear for paddling section:

  • Packraft, one seat per person. Be prepared to carry all your paddling gear throughout sections of the race and bring a pack that will fit everything including your boat. More info on rental opportunities to come.
  • PFD (Type III) with whistle attached.
  • Paddle
  • Way to keep maps dry (one per team). Waterproof map case recommended.
  • Way to keep gear dry and in the boat while paddling (i.e. drybag or at least a trash compactor bag).
  • Up to one bag per person that will fit all of your team paddling gear (except paddles). This includes: PFDs, packrafts, drybags, wet/drysuits, backpack (if using a secondary pack for carrying packraft), and whatever other paddling gear you need to stay warm/safe. We will allow food and water for the paddling leg in these bags as well, but please no other gear besides what is necessary for the paddle.
  • Strap or bungee to keep all team paddles together for transport. A velcro or ski strap works well for this. If your paddles fit into your paddle bags, no need for this.